Pig Island NYC 2015


  • Kurt Michael Friese (founding leader of Slow Food Iowa and Slow Food USA board member, Iowa City restaurant Devotay) will team with Ryan Byrd of Fleisher’s Craft Butchery and serve Chichaquilas with whole roasted pork and Rock ‘N’ Rye Mojo sauce
  • Butcher Shop Hudson and Charles will serve two dishes: Porchetta with orange, fennel and peperoncini served over cannelini bean and bitter green bean salad with orange vinaigrette; plus, Larded, Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • East Village Favorite Northern Spy will have White Corn Johnnycakes with Mojo Rubbed Pork and Stone Fruit Chutney
  • Sotto 13 – Chef Ed Cotton will be cooking up Pork-Butt Corn Dogs
  • Thomas Perone (Pig Guy NYC) will be returning to serve up Agape Pulled Pork Sandwich: Grecian Style Pulled Pork, Crispy Skin, Pork Belly, Feta and Spiced up Tzatziki
  • Michael Jenkins (Butter) returns for the sixth year serving up Jerk-Pulled Pork and pickled peppers
  • Humberto Guallpa (Executive Chef of Calle Dao) will prepare Chinese-Cuban Roasted Pig in Textures: head cheese terrine, compress pork butts, quinoa pork belly, housing ginger sauce, crispy chicharron 
  • Pitmaster Robbie Richter, the original pitmaster for Hill Country BBQ and Fatty ‘Cue Brooklyn will have Pig Shawarma
  • Egg Restaurant’s Evan Hanczor and George Weld will serve up a Braised Bacon End Sandwich with Salsa Verde and Egg Hot Sauce
  • Martin Høedholt of Revolving Dansk/Copenhagen Street Dogs will serve “The Chili Klaus”: Rød pølse (Danish red hot dog) topped with Chili Klaus ketchup, deviled egg cream, jalapeno coleslaw and bacon
  • Ovelia – Peter Giannakas will make Ovelia Loukaniko: a house-made pork sausage
  • Ends Meat – Chef John Ratliff will serve Pork Nuggets and Bratwurst
  • Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest of The Breslin Bar & Dining Room will create a diverse sausage platter
  • Arrogant Swine – Chef Tyson Ho will be serving up Whole Hog Loatian-Style LARB with fresh chilis, fish sauce and herbs topped with a spicy pineapple garnish and a ginger-grapefruit foam
  • Route 66 Smokehouse – Pitmaster Bill Kooper will serve Smoked Pork Lettuce Wrap Tacos with chillies, crispy pig skin, and garlic
  • Danny Mena and Evan Smith of Hecho en Dumbo – Torta Ahogada: Pork carnitas slider with pickled white onion, Rancho Gordo Heirloom beans, smothered in a choice of salsa,  ranging from a very mild salsa two a raging hot chile de arbol salsa spiked with clove
  • King Phojanakong from Tito King’s Kitchen at Jimmy’s No. 43 will serve Whole Roasted Filipino-style “Lechon” Pig
  • Roni-Sue’s Chocolates will serve Nasty Bits: Bacon/Chile Pretzels
  • Chef Jesse Jones (Chef Jesse Concepts) – Apple Cider Brined Whole Hog with Apple Jack Brandy BBQ Sauce
  • Neuman’s Kitchen will serve up 7 Deadly Sins of Swine!
  • East Village Meat Market collaboration with Flying Pigs Farm
  • Plus, vegetarian options from Bittergreen’s “Veggie Oasis” and NYC Hot Sauce Company’s Fresh Hatch, New Mexico Green Chiles

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