Pig Island NYC 2012


Dale Talde, Talde & Pork Slope
Pressed Whole Pig with Crispy Pork Chips, Pickled Vegetables and Sesame Mustard & Porky Melts, Bratwurst Patties with Melted Swiss Cheese, Griddled Onions, Pickles, and Yellow Mustard on Marble Rye.

Anthony Sasso, Casa Mono
Pork Canary Islands, Smoked Maple Banana Sauce, Fried Plantains, Sweet PX Sherry Lime Vinaigrette.

John Stage, Dinosaur BBQ
Pulled Pork Sliders with Sweet and Sour Slaw.

Danny Mena, Hecho en Dumbo
Tacos al Pastor, Slow Grilled Chile Marinated Pork Served with Caramelized Pineapple on Handmade Corn Tortillas.

George Weld & Evan Hanczor, Egg & Parish Hall

King Phojanakong, Kuma Inn & Umi Nom
Roasted Pork.

Joe Dobias, JoeDoe & JoeDough
Black Pepper Garlic Pork Sandwich with Pickled Vegetable Chow-Chow Served on a Hero.

Jacques Gautier, Palo Santo & Fort Reno
Pork Tacos on Soft Corn Tortillas with Guacamole & Pork Sliders.

Ian Kapitan, Alobar
Whole Roasted Pig, Pulled and Tossed in Chipotle BBQ Sauce Served on a Roll with Sweet and Sour Vinegar Sauce.

Terry French, Møsefund Farm
Moo Ping Thai Pork Skewers.

Michael Clampffer, Møsefund Farm
BBQ Mangalitsa Collar with Grilled Peaches, Pickled Cabbage and Carolina Sauce.

Peter Giannakas, Ovelia Psistaria Bar
Greek Style Pulled Pork with Apple Coleslaw Served on Pita. Ovelia Loukaniko, Homemade Sausage Made with Leeks and Orange Zest. Classic Greek Simply Grilled Chops, Well Seasoned and Grilled.

Michael Ferraro, Delicatessen
Spicy Korean Roasted Pork Buns with Plum Sauce, Pickled Peaches and Cucumber.

Jimmy Carbone, Jimmy’s No. 43, East Village Meat Market, My Friend’s Mustard, & Violet Hill Farm
Grilled Pork Chops to Order, Cured and Smoked Ham Legs, Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder, and Kale Salad.

Jonathan White, Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse
Whey-Fed Pig, Rubbed with Grains of Paradise and Other Medieval Brewer’s Grains, Roasted in a Caja China, Served with Triticale Salad with Garden Vegetables.

Sam Barbieri, Waterfront Ale House & Fuhgeddabout It BBQ
24-Hour Smoked Hog Pulled to Order, Served with Hawaiian Rolls and Assorted Sauces. Head Cheese Served on Black Bread with Homemade Mustard and Pickled Onions.

Eduard Frauneder & Wolfgang Ban, Edi and the Wolf
Grilled Pork Belly with Arugula, Peach, and Rye Bread-Mustard Vinaigrette.

Michael Jenkins, The Darby & Butter
Whole Pig Weiner with Roasted Tomato Ketchup and Spicy Cucumber Relish.

Doug Keiles, Ribs Within
Pork Trio Shooter, Pulled Pork, Bacon, and Crispy Pork Skin over Braised Greens.

Josh Bowen, John Brown Smokehouse

Shaunna Sargent, Betto & Raven & Boar

Tommy Harder, Blind Tiger

… and more TBA!



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