Pig Island NYC 2019: Recap

Best Pig Island Yet: Event Recap

Thank you for celebrating the 10th Annual Pig Island NYC! We could not have asked for a more beautiful day on the Red Hook waterfront. We believe it was our best Pig Island ever thanks to the delicious porcine dishes prepared by 20 chefs, flavorful craft beers, ciders, and spirits, live music, and of course, the energy and enthusiasm that all our guests bring to the event!


Photos by Paul Cheney @pecheney

Pig Island Prizes

The Josh Ozersky Memorial Award – AKA Best in Show 

Thomas Perone, The Pig Guy, New York

Smoked Chorizo stuffed with  provolone and topped with pickled shallots and a chimichurri aoili

Judge Adam Poch says: This dish just hit every note – it was savory, sweet, spicy, the casing had a great ‘snap’ – it was the perfect bite to showcase the pig.” 


Photo by Paul Cheney @pecheney

The Whole Hog – AKA Best Use of the Whole Pig

Tank Jackson, Holy City Hogs, Charleston, SC

Tank prepared a pure-bred Ossabaw Island Pig, which he calls “one of the oldest and tastiest pigs in the world,” accompanied by collard greens.

Judge Adam Poch saysThis pig is over 40% fat – and that’s where the flavor comes from – this pig was literally dripping with flavor.”

Photo by Paul Cheney @pecheney

Prime 6 Charcoal Pit Boss Boss – AKA Best Charcoal Dish

John Fuchs and Vinny Ferrante, Red Hook Raiders, FDNY

 Slow Braised Ribs finished on the grill with homemade BBQ sauce, and topped with pickled jalepenos and cilantro

Pig Island is proud to partner with Friends of Firefighters, a non-profit providing counseling and wellness services to the FDNY and their families. 

Photo by Patricia Brown @pattyybrown

The Ingenious Pig – AKA Most Creative Dish 

Roxanne Spruance, “The Butcher,” New York
Vietnamese LarbA Southeast Asian salad that’s made with pork shoulder and veggies, then seasoned with cilantro, mint, and a ton of fish sauce

You Look Mahvelous – AKA Best Presentation

Carl Ruiz and Mario Chape, La Cubana, New York featuring Smokey Boys BBQ and New England Meat Company
Puecro a ló CubanoA whole rotisserie hog wrapped in bacon

Bad to the Bone – AKA Best Rib

Rob Cho, Kimchi Smoke Barbecue, New Jersey
Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Memphis style dry rub topped with gochujang glaze, sesame seeds, and scallions.

Tacoriffic – AKA Best Taco 

Billy KooperRoute 66 Smokehouse, New York
Gringo Taco: Asian bbq sauce, cucumber, slaw, salsa verde, hard shell

Rookie of the Year – AKA Best First Time Participant

Matthew Worgul, Gentle Giant Barbecue, New York 
Half Pig Porchetta wrapped in our house-cured bacon

When Pigs Fly  – AKA Long Distance Award, Best Dish by Non-New Yorker 

Phil Wingo, PorkMafia, Chicago, IL
Whole Hog BBQ with cole slaw

Pig Impact Award – AKA Making a Difference Through Food 

Mike Petrovitch, Que Chevere, New York 
Roasted Pernil: A Puerto Rican style roast pork shoulder with rice and pigeon peas

Judge Adam Poch Says: “They are donating some of their proceeds to Austism Speaks – bridging the gap between old school home recipes and helping the community.“

Thank You to All of the Chefs who Participated in Pig Island NYC

Jason Fox, Hudson and Charles, New York
The Foxy Burger: Sliders with ground beef, ground pork, and ground bacon, topped with kimchi, bacon aoli, and sliced bacon

Jesse Jones, “POW! My Life in 40 Feasts”
Apple Cider Brined Half Hog and buttermilk yeast biscuits topped with apple butter mustard and pickled slaw.

Danny Mena of La Loncheria, New York
Puerco AhumadoMarinated yucatecan smoked pork shoulder tacos and a side of bacon

Humberto GuallpaFreemans Restaurant, New York 
Freemans Hog with poblano-tomatillo, bean sauce

Cenobio Canalizo and Eric Springer, Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, New York
Pulled Pork Tacos with grilled pineapple in salsa verde

Jeff Lutonsky and Meghan Love, Mable’s Smokehouse, New York 
Pulled Pork Bacon Cups: A little cup made out of bacon with a moist bite of pulled pork and a dollop of sauce.

Jase Franklyn, Jase BBQ, New York 
BBQ Pigtail with jerk pork and ribs

David Nevarro, Mothers Ruin, New York 
Mixiotes de Puerco: Tacos with corn tortillas and nopales, a Mexican cactus.


Photo by Patricia Brown @pattyybrown

Other Featured Food

Nueske’s Bacon and Sausage, Wisconsin 

Grilled Vegetables, Just Add Beer Sauce

Cabot Cheese

Rocket Fuel Hot Sauce

Roni-Sue’s Chocolate Covered Bacon

Ritter Sport Chocolate

Featured Farm 

Flying Pigs Farm, Washington County NY and Others


Craft Beer, Featuring Sixpoint Brewery and Singha Beer

Hard Cider, Featuring Indian Ladder Farms, Kings Highway Fine Cider and Austin Eastcider

Wine: Tussock Jumper

Spirits, Featuring Knob Creek Bourbon, Laphroaig Scotch, Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey, NY Distilling, ESP Gins, and Olde New York Farm Distillery

Celebrity Judges

Jean-Paul Bourgeois 

Dara Pollak 

Nick Solares

Adam Poch 

Jill Rittymanee 

Gennaro Pecchia 

Ethan Fedida 

William ‘Brimstone” Kucmierowski

Steve ‘Zambo’ Zambito

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